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Code of Conduct Policy

This policy applies to all staff, directors, volunteers and anyone working on behalf of The Together Project with regards to Songs & Smiles.

The purpose of this policy is:

  • to uphold the values on which The Together Project was founded
  • to clearly set out the standards expected of us all
  • to protect the children and vulnerable adults that we work with

As an adult working or volunteering at Songs & Smiles, you have a responsibility to ensure that everyone attending our events, particularly children and vulnerable adults, is protected from harm. It is the responsibility of each adult working or volunteering at Songs & Smiles to ensure that:

  • their behaviour is appropriate at all times
  • they observe the rules established for the safety of everyone attending Songs & Smiles
  • they follow the procedures regarding safeguarding and raising concerns
  • they recognise the position of trust in which they have been placed
  • the relationships they form with everyone involved in Songs & Smiles, particularly children and vulnerable adults, are appropriate

Everyone who works at The Together Project must accept and understand this Code.

Our approach

This policy should be read alongside our policies and procedures on:

  • recruitment, training and support
  • risk management
  • safeguarding
  • complaints and allegations

Meeting your responsibilities

To give positive guidance we have provided a list of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ to help you ensure that:

  • the welfare of the children and vulnerable adults you come into contact with is safeguarded
  • you uphold the values of The Together Project 
  • you avoid compromising situations or opportunities for misunderstandings or allegations

DO positively represent The Together Project’s aims of reducing loneliness, improving wellbeing, tackling ageism and uniting local communities
DO treat everybody with dignity and respect, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and physical ability
DO be compassionate towards the challenges that residents of the care home may face, particularly those with a disability or a condition such as dementia
DO ensure your behaviour and interactions with residents are sensitive to their individual needs. Allow each of them to decide if, when and how they will participate
DO strive to make Songs & Smiles a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all, particularly as a care home may be an unfamiliar environment for some of the children and parents/guardians
DO treat care home staff with respect at all times and follow all reasonable guidance they give you
DO follow health and safety guidelines at all times. Be mindful of the risks that can be present when active young children and older people with physical impairments are brought together and familiarise yourself with your responsibilities in the risk assessment
DO let each parent/guardian and resident jointly take the lead on interactions. It is up to them whether and how each child and resident engages in conversation, play or physical interaction – never try to force this
DO aim to be punctual for every session, allowing enough time for set-up
DO keep The Together Project well-informed about holidays, sickness or other absences, giving as much notice as possible
DO take any allegations or suggestion of abuse or inappropriate behaviour seriously and report immediately
DO ensure personal details, such as parent/guardian email addresses, are kept confidential and are processed as per instructions in your Volunteer Handbook

DON’T engage in inappropriate behaviour or contact – physical, verbal or sexual
DON’T use inappropriate language – verbal or written
DON’T share your personal contact details with the care home residents or paretns or arrange meet-ups or other contact outside Songs & Smiles
DON’T put yourself in a position where you are alone with a resident or a child. This could lead to misunderstandings and the possibility of allegations
DON’T take photos or videos of children, parents/guardians, staff or residents without prior written permission and without following the guidelines in your Volunteer Handbook. You should always consult with your The Together Project manager before doing so. Do not take photos/videos for your own private use or to share on social media
DON’T take on tasks that are outside your role description, such as helping residents with trips to the bathroom. Even seemingly small ‘favours’, such as getting them a biscuit, can be problematic: for example, the resident may have an allergy, dietary requirement or physical condition that means a biscuit is not appropriate.

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually. This policy was last reviewed on 22nd February 2018 by Louise Goulden.